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Standard Golf at GIS 2018

BY Standard Golf on February 6, 2018

The annual Golf Industry Show is THE big show for Standard Golf, and we can’t wait to see you in San Antonio this month. This event begins February 3 and lasts through February 8 at the Henry B. Gonzales Convention Center in San Antonio,…

LPGA Players Look Ahead to the Raucous Solheim Cup

BY Standard Golf on August 18, 2017

The LPGA is the world’s leading professional golf organization for women. Founded in 1950, the association celebrates a diverse and storied membership with more than 1,700 members representing 29 different countries, as one of the longest-running women’s professional sports associations in the world.

A lucky…

Jordan Spieth Wins British Open Thanks in Part to Eagle-Eye Caddie Michael Greller

BY Standard Golf on August 7, 2017

Jordan Spieth won the 146th British Open Championship on Sunday after a remarkable run on the final five holes. Perhaps the most interesting thing about his win, however, is that it might not have happened if not for his caddie Michael Greller’s spot-on calculations….

Bunker Rakes are a needed course accessory and… trophy?

BY Standard Golf on July 24, 2017

Jordan Spieth Takes the 2017 Travelers Championship – And the Bunker Rake!

Early in their lessons, most golfers learn some basic rules of etiquette to help maintain a beautiful course. One such rule is that it’s important to rake following a…

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